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Notice of Special Meeting Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 4 April 15, 2019


Notice of Special Meeting Brighton Crossing Metropolitan Districts No. 5-8 April 15, 2019


NEW !!! Brighton Crossing 1st Quarter 2019 Newsletter


Venture Center and Water Park - Coming Soon! 

What's better than a pool down the street that's maintained for you? An even bigger pool with an even bigger facility, that's what. Enjoy the current community pool, open until August 12th, and get excited for the Venture Center and Water Park coming Summer 2019!

The Recreation Center / Pool Access Card Application is now online!  Please login to the portal and click on the Amenities tab to complete this series of forms online today!


New to Brighton Crossings or Have Questions?

Most of your questions can be answered via this website. Please take time to explore and discover what your community has to offer. Our Welcome Letter on the FAQ page offers a great summary of most questions you may have regarding all aspects of Brighton Crossings. 

You can also call our information line at: 970-617-2462 or send an email to for any additional questions. 


Trash and Recycling Service:


Trash removal service is included in the Districts’ general operations fee paid by owners. Designated pick-up day is Friday.      Recycling is collected bi-weekly and is also included in the Districts’ general operation fee paid by owners. 


Trash and Recycling services are unlimited for household trash. Personal containers can be placed out in addition to the trash service provider totes. If your personal container doesn’t have an identifiable recycling mark on it, and is being used for recycling, you can request a sticker from Pinnacle Consulting Group to clearly identify the tote as recycling.


Only two bundles of tree limbs and three bags of yard waste can be put out for pickup every Friday. Sticks should not exceed four feet in length and total over 40 lbs.


Please make sure all bags are tied up tight to avoid blowing trash throughout the community. If your trash tote is lost, stolen, or destroyed, please contact Pinnacle Consulting Group.


Bi-Weekly Recycling Calendar


Park and Common Area Graffiti:

Unfortunately Brighton Crossings parks and common areas are being vandalized with graffiti. Brighton Crossings management  is aware of this vandalism and is working to get this cleaned up as soon as possible. Learn about how you can help with the graffiti problem here. 

If you see graffiti, please report it to 


New Brighton Crossings Social Events

Please CLICK HERE to view the New Social Events for Brighton Crossings


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